Van Lanschot Switzerland is the only Dutch private bank in Switzerland. As part of their continuous effort to bring cutting edge wealth management solutions to their high net-worth clientele, they developed an online investment intake tool based on Finbotx functionality together with the developers of VI Company.

The tool registers clients’ investment knowledge and experience, risk appetite as well as their investment goals. Clients can also classify their goals as must haves and nice to haves, after which they will see their goals visualized on a timeline.

The tool will then show the likelihood of reaching those goals per group and as a whole. Of course, a graph showing the various scenarios per risk profile is shown, and comparisons can be made between the various risk profiles.  Risk metrics are shown, such as average short-fall, % of goal reached and capital outcomes under good, average or bad scenarios.

The client can then make an informed decision about which risk profile best suits his risk appetite and investment objectives and submit this to his banker.

“With Finbotx we managed to build “a Ferrari” amongst the intake tools, worthy of true private banking”

Koos Vink, CEO – Van Lanschot Switzerland