Omniplan is an Amsterdam based provider of financial planning tools for banks and financial advisors. With pension planning becoming increasingly important due to an aging population, Omniplan joined forces with Finbotx in order to offer sophisticated pension planning to their customers.

The first Omniplan application to make use of the Finbotx calculation engine was called “Fortuin” (“Fortune” in Dutch) and was presented at the Personal Finance Day organized by the Dutch Financial Newspaper in Amsterdam.

The tool shows how much one needs to invest now in order to retire comfortably later. The Omniplan calculation engine maps how much income is expected and needed at the point of retirement, after which Finbotx seamlessly calculates the needed investment now based on the user’s risk profile and level of security.  For a demo, click here.

“Integrating Finbotx in our financial planning software enabled Omniplan to quantify the insecurity and risk of (pension) investing, which adds significant value to the financial advice.”

Marcel Nijland, Strategy and Business Development – Omniplan