Scenario Generator

Generate forward looking scenarios for investment portfolios and calculate chances of reaching various investment goals.

Stress Testing

See how a portfolio reacts when a specific risk factor shows a significant jump. E.g. what happens if stock markets crash? Or if inflation spirals out of control?

Back testing

How would a portfolio have performed in the past during market events such as the Credit Crunch or the IT Crisis?

Deposit calculator

Use our goal seeking algorithm to determine how much to invest in a specific portfolio to reach investment goals.

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The most advanced scenario generator currently available


Finbotx applies the latest academic techniques to come up with state-of-the art portfolio management solutions.


The Dutch market leader in financial planning software launches a new product which integrates the Finbotx Scenario Generator into their Figlo Planner software.

OAKK Capital Partners

An Independent Asset Manager is
using goal based investing for their
intermediary portal.

Van Lanschot Switzerland

A Swiss private bank created an investment onboarding process for High Net-worth Individuals using goal based investing